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About Kame Group

"Our mission is to build new buildings with better quality materials for the future using products manufactured in the Americas. Providing innovative solutions to meet the growing demand in emerging countries for energy efficiency and environmental protection."

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What do buildings such as International Airports, Melia Hotels and Resorts, General Hospitals and Universities have in common? ??All of them use products manufactured by Saint-Gobain! Kame Group is part of the America’s Saint-Gobain Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of ceilings, drywalls and gypsum plasters. The company is a pioneer in introducing lightweight interior construction practices in the American, South American and European market, and its products and systems are the preferred choice of companies, builders, interior decorators and end consumers.

World Class Infrastructure

  • Our world -class manufacturing in San Luis Potosi MX Central America
  • Installation academies in Dallas Texas, to train contractors and applicators in the latest techniques
  • An extensive countrywide sales and warehouse network
  • Countrywide distribution network

Solutions that Transform Interior Spaces

  • KAME Group offers a complete range of products and systems for ceilings
  • Architectural design support in acoustics, fire safety, thermal comfort and structural safety
  • Systems engineering
  • Quantity surveying
  • Training and onsite technical support
  • Spec Sure® performance warranties

Besides builders and architects, discerning homeowners are increasingly choosing Kame Group. false ceilings to create homes that are unique, elegant, better lit and more energy efficient.